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Ultimate Password Saver is a useful piece of software which allows you to store your passwords, web links, usernames and more. All in all, the utility is a comprehensive password manager for Windows users. I find this software very helpful because it saves you the trouble of trying to remember all the passwords and usernames and it discourages you from using the same password and username for all the accounts you might have. Thus, it enhances the security of your accounts. The feature I find most important is the one which allows you to back up your database on the local drives of your computer or on removable disks. The tool can back up bookmark data that might be lost if you format your hard drive, for example. In addition, the software also has the option of creating password groups, and you have the possibility to sort your passwords into Windows, E-mails, Networks, and other categories. The auto-type feature makes things very easy. With a click, you can have usernames and passwords typed automatically into other windows. The utility runs on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc.

Systems: Windows

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